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Gewa DP220G WhiteGewa DP220G Rosewood

  Gewa DP220G Black Matt

Gewa DP220G

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 Gewa DP240G Black Matt  Gewa DP240G Rosewood  Gewa DP240G White
Gewa DP240G

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Gewa UP260G Black Matt  Gewa UP260G Rosewood  Gewa UP260G White
Gewa UP260G

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Gewa UP280G Black Matt  Gewa UP280G White

Gewa UP280G

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Professor of Music Alexander Meinel


“Excellent – wonderfully embraces the sound and feeling of a grand piano. Congratulations to you and your team”, Alexander Meinel, professor of piano at the University of Leipzig for Music and Theatre



Gewa pianos – made in Germany

The Vogtland region in Germany not only represents traditional instrument making, but also develops high precision, top quality circuit boards and components for Gewa digital pianos. The production process includes multiple quality controls. Each component and every piano has passed the documented procedure and is 100% made in Germany.

Sampling without loops

The heart of a GEWA Piano is the high performance sound board, which was developed by European hardware and software experts.
A fully developed technique encounters true innovation. 256 note polyphony without any sample loops. The new, extremely fast IC enables a much faster data release off the NAND-Flash memory. As a result you experience all piano functions in real sequence. Sampling without loops. The larger cabinet also enhances the tone quality.

Sound sampling

Gewa digital pianos sampled on Steinway concert grand in Hamburg, Germany




 The Steinway Concert Grand Piano D274 was recorded in a state of the art recording studio in Hamburg, Germany. More than a hundred samples were made. This sound can be  heard in all Gewa digital pianos.



Thanks to the use of 3 contact points the “Concert-Pianist” keyboard‘s resolution is on the level of a concert piano when it comes to weighting and repeat performance. The clearly defined and precise touch supports the virtuosic playing and is perfectly calibrated to 6 layer samples.

Main circuit board

To address our fine sample library in the memory we need hightech on the sound engine. The German made main circuit board uses a military grade IC that's able to address the memory ultrafast to achieve this unique sonic performance. The amplifier and power supply are also mounted directly on the circuit board to save resources and make it an efficient and easy way to service the main board.


With the VSRC you even hear the soundboard vibrating and the resonance changing inside the cabinet, as the full decay of every key was recorded in every sound layer.
Sampling: A sample is the digital image of the complex sonic structure of a sound.
A Steinway concert grand piano in a state-of-the-art recording studio in Hamburg was meticulously sampled to offer an unrivaled sound experience. Every key was recorded in multiple dynamic layers resulting in several hundred individual samples. Most importantly, the sounds were recorded without looping.

So what you hear striking any key in a GEWA piano is the true sound with the full recorded decay of the fantastic Steinway grand.


The new, super fast IC enables a much quicker data release off the NAND-Flash memory. As a result you experience all functions
in real sequence. GEWA pianos: 256 note polyphony without any Sample-Loops.

Final Assembly

In Adorf, headquarters of GEWA, the final assembly of the pianos takes place. In keeping with the expectations of the Made-in-Germany emblem, the quality has top priority for the manufacture of Gewa products. Providing best preconditions – meaning the adherence to all EMC guidelines, skilled production workers, optimised processes with integrated quality management and documentation as well as a final performance check based on fixed patterns and processes – each and every piano is manufactured according to these strict guidelines.