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Digital Pianos
Digital Pianos
Brand new digital pianos:
Yamaha, Clavinova, Roland, Kurzweil, Casio, Broadway, Classenti and more…
Upright Pianos
Upright Pianos
Brand new upright pianos: acoustic uprights, silent and disklavier
Grand Pianos
Grand Pianos
Brand new acoustic grand, baby grand & digital
Secondhand Pianos
Secondhand Pianos
Secondhand acoustic and digital pianos

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Best Sellers

Broadway EZ-102
Broadway EZ-102
Price £499
Keyboard Bags
Keyboard Bags
From £41.97
Broadway BG2
Broadway BG2
Price £2,599


Yamaha P115
Yamaha P115

Price £579

Broadway B1
Broadway B1
Price £699
Roland F-140R
Roland F-140R
Price £809


Hadley S1

Hadley S1
Price £349

Yamaha CLP525
Clavinova CLP525
Price £1134
Kurzweil M10F
Kurzweil M10F
Price £1099
Broadway BU-109T Upright Piano
Broadway BU-109T
Price £2,795
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What does the UK Pianos website offer?

The Biggest range of pianos for sale in the UK and the very best deals on the web. Uprights, grand, digitals, new, second hand, rental, hire… Also a huge amount of information and articles about pianos and piano makes. You can read reviews, see comparisons on grand, upright and digital pianos.

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~ Latest Models: Yamaha N3X, Broadway BG2 digital baby grand

  Hejran's Piano Method Book 1
Hejran's Piano Method Beginner's Book 1 — An excellent method for children or adults that want to learn… "At last! A straightforward, easy to follow, beginner's book", Graham Howard

Digital Pianos

  Digital Pianos, Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg  Digital Grand Pianos - Yamaha, Roland

Most popular:

1) Yamaha – The worldwide leader. Also known as 'Yamaha Clavinova' – Yamaha's famous brand
2) Roland – Warm and resonant sounding digital pianos. Roland's HP pianos are amongst the very best
3) Casio – Privia and Celviano models. Attractive priced pianos for anyone learning
4) Broadway – Digital pianos starting below £500 (6 models to choose) – ideal for anyone learning

5) Kurzweil – A range of digital pianos, baby grand and stage pianos that sound and feel close to a real piano
6) Hadley – Amazing value! Good quality, reliable digital pianos for anyone on a budget that's learning to play
7) Classenti – Warm, full, resonant sound; heavy-weighted touch; good value; choose from 6 models

Read over 490 digital piano reviews

Top 3 Recommendations:

Hadley D10

Hadley D10 Digital Piano
Special Offer £499

Broadway B1

Broadway B1 Bundle
Price £699

Kurzweil M10F

Kurzweil M10F
Price £1099









Baby Grand Digital Pianos

Baby grands for sale or rent-to-buy

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 The Digital Piano Bible – "7 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy", by Graham Howard
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Digital pianos are also commonly called electric or electronic pianos. There are over 100 digital piano brands in existence. Here's some of the brands that don't make the most popular list:

Aura, Alesis, Amason, Axus, Baldwin, Behringer, Berkeley, Cool, Cranes, Delson, Digiano, Eagletone, Ensoniq, Farfisa, Fujiyama, Galileo, Gear4Music, Hammond, H.Star, Kaino, Ketron, Kingston, Kobrat, M-Audio, Melodic, Minster, Nord, Orla, Pianonova, Rikter, Ringway, Robertson, Samick, Sejung, Studiologic, Valdesta, Viscount, Williams, Winchester, Worlde, Wyman

Howard Piano Score: Ranking System For Digital Pianos… Check out the rating system for all digital pianos

Upright Pianos

  Upright Pianos - Yamaha, Kemble and more  Upright Pianos

Most popular:

1) Yamaha – The most popular in the world. Yamaha have been making uprights for over 100 years
2) Broadway – Range of upright, grand (acoustic and digital), self-playing and silent pianos with German hammers and strings – good quality at an affordable price
3) Classenti – Warm, mellow tone (European sound), responsive key touch, sturdy, well built. Digital grand pianos also available
4) Kurzweil
– Digital baby grand pianos only – Produced in South Korea by Young Chang Corporation.

Read upright piano reviews

Upright pianos are also commonly called vertical or traditional pianos. Old or antique uprights are straight strung and over damped, sometimes they have a wooden frame. Modern uprights are overstrung, under damped and have a cast iron piano frame. See all upright pianos.

Grand Pianos 

 Grand and Baby Grand Pianos  New and Second Hand Grand Pianos

Most popular:

1) Yamaha – Japanese built. Fantastically popular worldwide. The Yamaha grand pianos have been in production for over 100 years.
2) Classenti – Some of the best entry level grands. Definitely worth considering if you have a smaller budget

3) Broadway – Baby grand pianos only. Great value.

Grand pianos come in various different lengths, the baby grand being the smallest. Other names used are boudoir, horizontal, conservatory or concert grands.

Used Pianos

  Used Pianos
Popular used and second hand pianos often available:

Yamaha U1 and U3, Kemble, Kawai, Chappell, Bentley, Broadwood, Welmar, Knight, Berry, Monington & Weston, Samick, Reid-Sohn, Waldstein, Eavestaff, Brinsmead, Weinbach, Barratt & Robinson, Collard & Collard, Richter, Danemann, Zimmerman, Zender and Boyd, see all used pianos


Electronic Keyboards

Yamaha – The leading producer of electronic music keyboards -number one choice of teachers and music schools
Casio – Makes a range of low to mid range piano keyboards, also key lighting. A cheaper alternative to Yamaha
Roland – Builds only a small selection of higher quality keyboards for serious musicans and professionals.
Hadley – Oour most popular keyboard for beginners.

See all keyboards

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"Among all the information on the web, your digital pianos ratings, buyer's guide, articles and Top 10 best list were the most useful. Thank you so much for translating all that technical terminology", Elaine Centea

"Your web site and advice has been invaluable!!! Cannot recommend high enough"
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"Dear Graham, I have been racking my brains about buying a digital piano for my 9 year old son who has just started piano lessons and you have given me an insight on what to look for. I really appreciate the abundance of information in its simplest form has helped me tremendously and I cannot thank you enough"
Warmest regards, Seema

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I've just spent an enjoyable hour reading other people's questions about pianos. How marvellous that you do this for folk all over the world!"
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"I went to UK PIANOS last saturday afternoon. I am very pleased with the very good service provided. After talking through my past experience and my desire of coming back to Piano lessons, I took the rent to buy plan on a Broadway B1 digital piano. The Piano arrived well packed on the arranged delivery day and time. However, the piano stool was missing and as soon as I acknowledged to Uk pianos it arrived immediately the day after"
Corina Arroyo, Putney, South London