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FREE 75 page digital piano buyer's guide, by Graham Howard…

The Digital Piano BibleGraham Howard, Piano Advisor
"Playing the piano is the most satisfying end enjoyable hobby… Buying the correct one makes all the difference to your success and enjoyment. If you’ve just started looking for a digital piano, then this guide will help you make the right decision and stop you from making any expensive mistakes", Graham Howard, Piano Adviser for UK Pianos

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1) How To Understand Confusing Terminology
('Piano Geek Speak')

Find out what the following terms mean:

(a) Weighted keys – [page 4]
(b) Touch sensitive keys – [page 7]
(c) Graded hammer action – [page 10]
(d) Mechanism with escapement -[page 11]
(e) Key weight control – [page 12]
(f) GHS/GH/GH3 key touch – [page 12]
(g) Keyboard split – [page 13]
(h) Polyphony – [page 13]
(i) Midi IN/OUT (USB) – [page 14]
(j) Aux IN/OUT – [page 14]
(k) Record facility – [page 14]
(l) Built-in metronome – [page 15]
(m) Speaker wattage – [page 15]
(n) Transpose – [page 16]
(o) Reverb – [page 16]
(p) Dual voice – [page 16]
(q) String resonance – [page 17]
(r) Key off samples – [page 17]
(s) Brilliance – [page 18]
(t) Scale tuning – [page 18]
(u) Display screen – [page 18]

2) Common Digital Piano Questions

(a) Are wooden keys better than plastic keys? – [page 20]
(b) Which polyphony do I need: 32, 64, 96 or 128? – [page 21]
(c) How much speaker wattage do I need? – [page 22]
(d) What's the difference between digital and
stage pianos? – [page 22]
(e) Where's the best and worst places in my
home to put a digital piano? – [page 24]
(f) How do I protect my piano from drink
spills, dust, and cup stains? – [page 25]
(g) Are wooden mechanisms in digital pianos a good
thing, or could they be a risky purchase? – [page 27]
(h) Are warranties transferable on digital pianos? – [page 27]
(i) What's the average lifer of a digital piano? – [page 28)

3) The Disadvantages Of Buying A Second hand
Digital Piano Versus A New One

Discusses repairs, warranty, returns, technology,
improvements, designs – [page 29-31]
Where to buy second hand digital pianos – [page 31]

4) 6 Simple Tests You Can Do In A Piano Store
Before Making Your Decision.
IMPORTANT: Don't Buy If The Digital Piano
Doesn't Pass All 6 !

a) This test should be done when you listen to the sound – [page 32]
b) How to test if the key mechanism is poor, acceptable, or top quality…
I can't stress enough the importance of this! – [page 32]
c) Test the sideways movement of the keys… find out what is correct – [page 32]
d) Test the touch sensitivity… this is crucial – [page 33]
e) Do the keys have the correct resistance? – [page 34]
f) Make sure the sustain is long enough, or it could be a disaster! – [page 35]

5) The Top Digital Piano Brands. Scored On:

(a) Selection (top 5 brands) – [page 38]
(b) Reliability (top 10 brands) – [page 42]
(c) Long term popularity (top 5 brands) – [page 47]
(d) Recent popularity (top 5 brands) – [page 49]
(e) Overall result (top 15 brands) – [page 49]

6) Which Are The Best Digital Pianos?

(a) See the top 10 list. Rated on: touch, sound,
design, build quality, reliability, resale value,
popularity, and value for money – [page 50]

(b) The top 10 list in three categories: the best
under £500; the best from £500 to £1000;
and the best over £1,000 – [page 58]

7) Should You Buy Online Or In A Physical Store?

(a) The advantages and disadvantages of both – [page 65]
(b) A list of trusted online, and offline stores –
(website and contact details included) – [page 66]
(c) 2 simple ways to find out if a store is
legitimate – [page 73]
(d) How to GUARANTEE your money is safe when
you buy online – even if the store goes bust! – [page 74]


No obligation… Nothing for sale… Your email address will never be shared.

All contents Copyright © 2009-2016 Graham Howard. All rights reserved.

Comments from readers…

"I couldn't have found out all this information
in 10 years elsewhere!"

Dear Mr Howard,

Thank you for producing this digital piano buying guide! I couldn't have found out all this in 10 years elsewhere!









"Saves Hours of Research"

An essential read for anybody buying a digital piano, no matter what their budget. It covers all the bases and saves hours of research and potentially a lot of wasted money and disappointment.

Michael Newman








"I'm amazed by the content and can't believe it's free!"

Hi Graham, I had no trouble downloading your book. I'm amazed and impressed by the content and can't believe some one is providing this information free! I feel indebted to you. Thank you very much! I will be contacting you again soon.

Yours sincerely, Leon Carter, Solihull









"Many thanks for your help"

Many thanks for your help in steering me through a confusing process for a non-piano playing parent, who is trying to get the right piano for her son and budget!

Kind Regards, Janice Briggs, Kent








"It's really informative especially for parents like us sourcing piano for kids yet can't play it ourselves"

Hi Graham,

I read the whole book. It's really informative especially for parents like us sourcing piano for kids yet can't play it ourselves. Now at least we know what to look for. Do keep up your good work and I believe your advises have helped many like us.

Tks & Best rgds Janet Young, Elstree, Herts.












Finally, we have a well-researched, objective review of what's available. Hurrah!

Many Thanks, David Briggs






"Your help was unbiased and constructive"


Thank you for your help. Your book is great and based on your
recommendations we purchased a Yamaha CLP 320 from our local store. It has just arrived and we look forward to years of playing.

Thank you again for your help. Your help was unbiased and constructive.

Regards, Michael Beneworth, Cambridge, UK











"Something FREE? must be a catch somewhere!"

Hello Graham,

Thanks for the guide to buying a digital piano.

My first thought was, something FREE? must be a catch somewhere! Its good to know that there are some genuine people who wish to help.

Sincerely, Terry Levene









"You have saved me an enormous amount of time – and possibly a great deal of money. I can't thank you enough"

Hi Graham,
Quite frankly, I found your book remarkable. I have rarely seen so much useful information written in such straightforward language packed into such a compact format, and all freely given.
I currently have an upright piano (Knight) which, as a consequence of almost daily use and living in a somewhat damp part of Wales, needs tuning regularly. Requesting your book was my first tentative step at looking into a digital piano as an alternative. You have undoubledly saved me an enormous amount of time – and possibly a great deal of money. Without wishing to sound patronising, I cannot thank you enough.
When the time comes, I may well be in touch with a few questions. In the meantime, thanks again.
Kind regards, Ryan James

















"I put down my email address with trepidation"

Hi, Graham, I have to compliment you on your communications – I stumbled upon your buying guide and put down my email address with trepidation, expecting a scam or a flood of spam…instead I've gotten exactly the right amount of helpful information. Congratulations! Some much larger businesses could learn from you. 🙂










"Your guide helped immensely with the technical jargon, Your comments about buying online and your list of trusted stores were useful"

Hi Graham
Many thanks for your incredibly helpful guide. I found it very reassuring, like a child being held by the hand to give it the confidence it needs to go forward in the world.

It helped immensely with the technical jargon, and the listings gave me confidence with choosing Yamaha.

Your comments about buying online and especially your list of trusted stores were useful and persuaded me to buy online.

Thank you, Robert













"Without your information I may well have just bought a cheap piano that I would have been disappointed with"

Hi Graham,

Without your information I may well have just bought a cheap piano that I would have been disappointed with. I have ordered a Yamaha CLP535. I would have liked the CLP545 but for my needs the extra cost was just too much.












 "It's so refreshing to have unbiased un-salesman like information"

Dear Graham,

Thank you for your e-mail. I'm so glad I came across your book, it was an immense help!

I've actually just ordered the Roland RP201.

I don't have any questions as yet – but if I do I know where to come!

Thanks for being so open with the advice given on your website – it's so refreshing to have unbiased un-salesman like information.

Kind Regards, Claire Miller, Andover














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anywhere. That means that this information has value. And your friends,
neighbours and co-workers may want to share it.

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